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Leather Processing

We cater to made to order division of any leather goods business. So this means that whenever we get any new orders - we develop/process the leathers accordingly. We do not keep old stock as they are not ideal for the end consumers. We have understanding with various brands as to how long to carry any particular type of leather and those are the ones that we keep a running stock. But again it all depends on the requirements of the customers.

What’s the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

There are 2 MOQs that needs to be fulfilled.

  • Leather: Since our leathers are freshly processed, we have a leather MOQ per type of leathers. This falls between 2000 sq.ft to 2500 sq.ft

  • Products: In lieu of being competitively priced, we have further 2 different MOQs - for small accessories MOQ of 100 units/style/colour and for larger accessories between 30-50 units/style/colour

What Packing Details could be achieved?

We cater to any sort of packing requirements of the clients. From Individual packing to collection packing. Most available papers and boards are used for decorative branding. The client can send the whole cartons to their shops/retail units directly.

Which delivery services we offer?

We cater to the following delivery options:

  • F.O.B (Air/Sea) - the client can nominate their transporter for the transportation of the finished products.

  • C.I.F (Air/Sea) - we can deliver the shipment to the client's desired ports.

  • D.D.U (Air/Sea) - we can deliver the shipment to the client's warehouse/office (Duty/Tax needs to be paid by the client)

What are acceptable payment methods?

We can only accept Bank to Bank transfer of payments. Payments via other wire transfers like Western Union are not encouraged. Digital money like Bitcoins are also not acceptable at the moment.

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